Fitzers Presents: The Savage Street Food & BBQ Village

Fitzers Catering are excited to announce the launch of unique "The savage Street Food & BBQ Village", coming exclusively to Leopardstown this summer 2017.

As part of its parent company, Fitzers Catering Ltd, Savage Food Company captures the energy, the verve and trends of big flavours with street-food dishes, and has played a vital role in catering for a number of prestigious concerts, film productions and outdoor corporate events throughout Ireland.

Fitzers Catering are delighted to launch "The savage Street Food & BBQ Village", with fleet of mobile food trucks called 'savages' & 'dogs' we set set up to recreate a Street Food & BBQ Village, with a food festival vibe. This literal moveable feast, a cavalcade of vintage, creates an imaginative foodie festival vibe, that is ideal for product launches, weddings and company BBQ's.   

For more information please contact our head office  on (01) 289 0620

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