Our food ethos


we buy irish

Because it's good to support our talented and creative farmers and suppliers 

Its Fitzers Catering policy to buy Irish wherever possible. Our chefs are continually on a mission to find the best in Irish food, and provenance map reflects this, hailing suppliers from the four provenance of Ireland. 

The company founders Paula and Sharon Fitzpatrick grew up in a foodie environment at home. Their father owned a fruit and vegetable shop on Dublin’s Camden Street and was a very progressive retailer. His was one of the first shops in Dublin to stock wholefoods. At a time when Irish cooking was all about meat and two veg, Fitzpatricks was one of the few places an adventurous cook could find unusual or exotic ingredients. So good food provenance has been one of the founding pillars of the company


From Farm to Fork


At Fitzers Catering, we actively embrace the ‘farm to fork’ movement, which encompasses a passion and commitment to food safety, food freshness, food seasonality and small-farm economics.

Food provenance (where food is grown, raised or reared) is extremely important to us and we are very proud of our suppliers. We use local suppliers from all over Ireland to ensure that food is fresher, tastier and more nutritious. The fact that we source local produce is also more sustainable, as it takes less time and energy for the food to get from farm to fork. Other benefits include:

  • a higher quality food flavour and nutritional value

  • a fresher menu – one that changes almost weekly and features true seasonal variety

  • a hospitality business model dedicated to our farming community and local economy