Our Creative Process

Our Hospitality team here at The CCD is a dynamic group of professional, qualified and  talented individuals. Their wealth of expertise and knowledge ensures that we deliver bespoke services for every event held at the award winning Convention Centre Dublin.
Carefully chosen and expertly prepared by some of Ireland’s finest chefs, our food offerings are served on exclusive tableware by our attentive staff who are there to cater for your every need. 

Whatever the event, you are assured of a truly world-class service that will leave your guests wanting to return time and time again. 

A warm Irish welcome and truly mouth-watering fine dining experience awaits visitors from all over the world at The Convention Centre Dublin

Our Sustainability

We are dedicated to the sustainable sourcing of fresh, seasonal, local produce, along with a major commitment to the training and development of our Hospitality team so that we can deliver a 5 star service in a truly iconic Irish surrounding.

We combine dedication and passion to deliver all of your catering requirements throughout your event. We pride ourselves in our ability to provide not only mouth-watering cuisine, but a standard of service and creative solutions that leave lasting memories for your delegates.

Today, sustainability is a driving force for many businesses. We understand that it is an
increasingly important factor in choosing the suppliers or companies you do business with.

Fitzers Catering team was the first catering company in Ireland, back in 2012 to achieve ISO 20121 Event Sustainability status. It is a proven and effective management system framework that enables us to ensure sustainability is a key cornerstone of our operations.


Our Food Provenance

We only use the freshest food with the highest quality ingredients. Food provenance is
extremely important to us and sourcing the best ingredients is what gets us up in the morning.

We use Irish local suppliers from all over the island of Ireland and that means the food is
fresher, tastier and more nutritious, as well as it taking less time and energy to get from the farm-to-fork.

We recognise the importance of sustaining our local economies by employing people from the locality, providing skills training and promoting from within.

From Farm to Fork

Our CCD Hospitality team embraces the ‘farm to fork’ movement which encompasses a passion and commitment to food safety, freshness, seasonality and small-farm economics.

The production of safe food involves a chain of responsibility and every participant in the chain from farm to fork having a role to play to ensure food is as safe and fresh as is practically possible.

So what are the farm to fork rewards?
• Fresher, higher quality food flavour and nutritional value.
• A fresher menu that changes almost weekly and features true seasonal variety.
• A hospitality business model dedicated to our farming community and local economy.
We are proud of our suppliers and embrace every aspect of this vital programme so that you can be assured that we only use the highest quality products from the best food producers on the island of Ireland.