vibrant catering co.

Vibrant Catering Company is a dedicated division within Fitzers Catering designed to service the business and industry sector, educational campuses and hospitals. This bespoke solution exclusively focuses on providing fresh, homemade and innovative food and beverage offerings to each venue.


It's all about nutrition

We provide nutritional breakdowns of every meal, with ever changing seasonal menus, highlighted with daily, weekly and monthly specials.

In addition, we take time to ensure careful consideration is placed on the layout, ergonomics and design within all areas of product pick-up, consumption and payments to provide a viable solution to speed of service and a positive dining experience.


Clean eating has arrived

At Vibrant Catering Co. we know that food is the foundation of the day. With the right ingredients you’ll think better, work better, feel better. That’s why we’re dedicated to creating mouth-watering menus designed specifically to help you thrive.

With an innovative focus on health and nutrition and clean food, we prepare dishes that are not only deliciously wholesome, but exemplifies the latest thinking in nutritional science. After all – a good day starts from the inside. We promise to set you up in the best way possible.

With the right ingredients you can think, work and feel better. You can thrive every day. And we have all the ingredients you need
to make it happen. 


For business restaurants, education facilities or hospitals

The Vibrant Catering Co. inspires ‘Healthier Living and Lifestyle’ within the workplace through the recognition that a nutritious, well-balanced diet is the foundation for good health in work, learning and in recovery.

The Vibrant Catering Co. can be promoted as a positive workplace benefit, bringing together all aspect of dining, physical activity, knowledge
and participation to create an environment of ‘Healthy Living’ in your organisation through:

  • Activities

  • Workshops

  • Talks

  • Culinary Themed Celebrations

  • Seasonal Provenance

Nutrition is what we do

Nutritionally balanced food better balances the body reducing afternoon slumps in performance and helping teams, students or patients stay healthy.

Our expert knowledge of nutritional science inspires everything we do.

  • Caloric intake

  • Recommended daily allowances

  • Portion sizes

  • Good fats vs bad.



For more information about Vibrant in your workplace, campus or hospital please get in touch by contacting us at